Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The ol' Intro

You know how you have the best intentions?  Like that gym membership that says ever so quietly, "I'm here," as you drive by thinking, "I should probably visit there someday." 

Meanwhile your jeans get tighter.


I've had the best intentions about starting this blog.  Nearly every month that I read infertility and adoption blogs, I realize that I need to be writing about the emotional healing so difficult to come by when dealing with infertility.  I'm a therapist, after all.

So, here I am!  I'm no longer going to blog about healing when dealing with infertility; I'm doing it!  And rhyming to boot ("healing while dealing"?  Did you catch that?)!  (Warning: sometimes I'm lame)

I should also say that I broke up with my gym long ago, so I don't have to be reminded of its existence every month in my bank statement (Exercise, however, is essential to emotional well-being, so I'm totally not off the hook there...just sayin').

This blog will focus on emotional well-being in infertility, but the need for a healthy mind-set is important in all avenues of life, dontchya think?  To that end, sometimes I get random.  And make up words.  And punctuation.  Welcome to my world!

Be well,