Friday, April 6, 2012

Infertility Haiku

Day 6 of HAWMC challenges us to write a haiku regarding our health focus.  

(You can start with Day 1 here)  Here's my haiku:


Pain, loss, fatigue
long for smiles
Then the son shown bright.

This haiku is meant to illustrate simply the devastation of infertility.  The longing for something seemingly so easily obtained by others.  The infertile struggles with not only the loss of babies but the loss of one's self.

The last line includes a homophone (sun/son), which is meant to represent not only the literal meaning behind the word son, but also the offspring of infertility.  What do I mean by the offspring of infertility?  Though it doesn't feel like it during the experience, those with infertility have the potential for tremendous growth on the "other side."  Improved sensitivity to others, a fondness for life not there before, increased spirituality, an improved outlook on humanity -- these are only a few of the potential life improvements one can experience.

Deep thoughts, I know.

How have you changed for the better after having experienced infertility?  Have you experienced any other tragic loss/situation that has caused you to change for the better?

Be well,

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