Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Write Because...

HAWMC's Day 4 prompts asks us health advocates to write about why we write about health.  Whoa...a mouthful there.  I even had to re-read that.

(You can start at HAWMC Day 1 here.)

When I was dealing with infertility, I always thought there had to be a reason why I was going through it.  Indeed, most infertile people struggle with that.  Did I do something wrong?  Should I have done something different?  Am I being punished? 

I write about infertility in the online world, because I know there are thousands out there who want to hear from someone who gets it. 

I write about infertility, because some of the healing strategies I personally utilized actually worked (yay)!  And I'd like to pay it forward. Actually, I feel as though it's my duty as a therapist to do so.

I write about infertility, because some people who are not struggling with this disease need to know more about it.  Awareness!  Get some!  The chances are you have run into an infertile person and either 1) didn't know it or 2) didn't know what to say to them so you said something you thought would placate them like, "Oh just go on vacation" or "You want my kids?"  or "Just go get drunk like I did!"

**WARNING: If you use one of these statements with an infertile person, please step back.**

Not many people know how to deal with an infertile person.  I write about infertility so more people will know what to do when their loved ones or coworkers or, heck, even strangers are dealing with infertility (future posts).

All in all, I write to help.  And who can go wrong with a little help?

Whether you keep an old fashioned paper journal or a private or public blog, why do you write?

Be well,


  1. I'm so glad to read another person who is participating in HAWMC whose issue is infertility. I write for many of the same reasons you mention. Though you certainly did it in a more eloquent way :)

    1. YES! There need to be more of us out there, dontchyathink? :)

  2. I write because if I leave it all in my head it just buzzes round and makes me crazy, it helps me to order my thoughts and work through my issues, and I write online because here I can be sure of finding like minded people who understand what I am going through and I can support them in return.

    1. Boy do I EVER get that! Lots of heavy thoughts = crazy. So glad you can get it out there with like-minded people!

  3. Thank you for writing! Those are all good and noble reasons to do it. For me, it started as a way to work out my feelings, then evolved to include the component of meeting and connecting with others in similar situations, or situations where similar emotions are involved. It's also nice to write just for the sake of writing!

    1. Well, shoot, I did totally miss that last one. Sometimes, it *is* just about the writing part. :)


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