Monday, April 30, 2012

Infertility in a Word Cloud

This is the last day of HAWMC!  Of the 30 posts this month, I completed a grand total of...

::drum roll::


Hm.  I think it's safe to say that I will not be grabbing that fabulous HAWMC badge that says I completed 30 posts in 30 days and posting it on this blog.  *sigh*

And yet, I don't feel as if I've failed.  I'm pretty sure that through National Infertility Awareness Week, the Health Activist Writer's Month, and International Comment Leaving Week, I got some serious awareness out there about infertility and how to live when you're dealing with such a difficult disease.

And now...this last prompt of HAWMC asked us to make a word cloud with words relating to our health focuses.  Have you ever done this?  It's so fun!  Check out Wordle

Here's mine:

The obvious word that pops out is "infertility."  I thought it interesting that the words "make" and "baby" showed up as they did....kind of ironic actually.  A few other words like "adoption," "feelings," and "words" are great, and I think they should be bigger.

I think one word that really resonates with me here is "feel."  Many times what happens with anyone dealing with intense negative emotions is that there is an immediate need to feel better; whereas actually feeling the emotions helps the brain process them out and open the door for healing.  

I know.  Scary. 

And not for the faint of heart.  But, if you've dealt with infertility, you can handle anything!

Until next time...

Be well,


  1. Maria, you may not have completed all thirty days, but if it were up to me, I would give you that badge anyway because what you did share with us was extremely valuable. I love your posts because they are always thoughtful and supportive.

    Wordle is so cool! I like that "write" and "think" also jump out.

    1. Wow, thanks, Elizabeth! So glad you were able to get something out of my posts. :) Ah, yes...."write" and "think." Also very cool. :D

    2. And one more thing: I gave you the One Lovely Blog Award. Come and see why, if you would like:

  2. Great Blog Maria! Very impressive and helpful! My blog is crappy in comparison! Thanks for the invite.


    1. LOL...I so wouldn't say that at. all. Been on the blog scene for a long time, though, so I should know a few tricks by now...ha!


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