Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poetry, Acronyms, & Nonsense! Oh My!

Welcome NIAW, ICLW, and HAWMC bloggers!  

Holy cow is that ever a lot of acronyms.  Lemme 'splain..

NIAW = National Infertility Awareness Week by RESOLVE.  Though this blog is already dedicated to the disease of infertility, NIAW is an opportunity to connect with all others who write about, live with, know someone with, or simply want to talk more about this disease that affects 1 in 8 Americans.

ICLW = International Comment Leaving Week.  The Stirrup Queen -- A huge infertility advocate -- has set up this amazing link for bloggers who are interested in reading and connecting with other bloggers who write about....well, everything.  Generally, bloggers are a part of the ALI community (Adoption, Loss, and Infertility), but feel free to check it out and join!  ICLW is once a month, so if you missed this month, check it out for May.

HAWMC = Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge.  I've been a part of this challenge for all of April, though I have to admit, I've not been keeping up too well.  *sigh*  Challenge, indeed!  WEGO Health has asked health bloggers around the world to write about any particular health issue of interest.  Betchya can't guess what I chose!

So, today I'm writing HAWMC's Day 21, even though today is Day 22.  Why?  Because yesterday's prompt is more fun....and actually kind of nonsensical.  Who can go wrong with fun and nonsense?  Yesterday's prompt asked us to write a Madlib Poem via Language is a Virus.  Just like Madlibs of old, one plugs in words in the appropriate blanks, and the system generates a poem fashioned after a famous poet.  Naturally, I chose infertility-related words (or words I personally associate with infertility).  The poem is below....again, totally nonsensical, but I think, beautiful nonetheless.  Enjoy!

exquisite infertility's exquisite infertility

quietly i have never disturb, desperately beyond
any fertility, your laughter have their dynamite:
in your most grand cycle are things which distract me,
or which i cannot determine because they are too achingly

your amazing look wonderously will ungive me
though i have parent myself as pregnancy,
you grieve always barren by barren myself as miscarriage recognize
(stoping suddenly, shockingly) her proud loss

or if your cry be to handle me, i and
my wail will run very strikingly, simply,
as when the mother of this fertility ignore
the father grotesquely everywhere reading;

nothing which we are to educate in this baby learn
the parent of your aware child: whose family
grow me with the furbabies of its hug,
surviveing smile and joy with each embarrassing

(i do not laugh what it is about you that giggle
and work; only something in me try
the wonder of your laughter is shiney than all miscarriage)
hope, not even the ignorance, has such ashamed despair

- Maria & e.e. cummings


  1. Yes! A lot of acronyms! I'm also participating in ICLW and NIAW, so I'm right there with you! :-)
    ICLW #1

    1. Glad I'm not alone in my!

  2. Oh wow, how are you able to handle all those three events together?

    I read and then realized that the poem is software generated...hmm..intelligent software? :-)


    1. I'm nuts. LOL! Totally crazy poem to match the crazy 3 event thing...but some of it did strike some chords in me.

  3. Wow, what a cool poem! I think I want to try that out myself. Here via ICLW, and not even attempting the others since I am a horrible blogger. Kudos to you for taking on all 3!


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