Tuesday, March 19, 2013


You know when you're on a roll for a while, and you fall off the proverbial bandwagon?  And you stay fallen for, oh, six months or so?  Um, yeah...that's been my blog-writing style of late.  Who knew the style of non-writing was so powerful -- eh-hem -- or not. 

That is why "Reset" is this post's title.  I am planning on writing quite often again.  Key word: Planning.  You know what they say, right? 

We Plan; God Laughs.  Pretty true, dontchyathink?  As it turns out, the Universe pretty forcefully focused me on my dissertation.  Yup, I kinda want to graduate already (<---serious understatement), so I suppose that was a wise move. 

I'm still working on the dissertation (see survey link on the sidebar, if you're interested in participating).  Nevertheless, we shall see how my plan works out.  Crossing my fingers and hoping I can hang on to that bandwagon, and write my dissertation, and run a business, and be an infertility activist, and, and, and...

Nothing like lofty goals.  

Coming up in the next few months are several blog writing challenges that I loved participating in last year: The Health Activist Writers' Month Challenge, National Infertility Awareness Week, and, of course, the monthly International Comment Leaving Week

I'm excited to get this blog moving again and to start spreading more awareness and information on how to handle infertility, adoption, child-free living, and life after infertility. 

Officially reset.  Be well,


  1. Happy ICLW! It must be hard to start writing after you stop.... Good luck!

    1. That it is! But, I'm bound and determined! (I'm gonna need that luck, so thank you...lol)


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