Sunday, April 7, 2013

HAWMC Day 7: Ridiculous Cure Headline

Hi everyone!  It's Day 7 of HAWMC, and I am having a ridiculously good time with today's prompt.  If you get sarcasm, you just may get a giggle out of it, too.

You can start with Day 1 of HAWMC here.

Today's prompt:  Share a ludicrous headline or cure. Do a news search and choose a ridiculous headline or proposed cure about your condition and write what you think about it.  Can't find one?  Write your own.

For this prompt, I just had to make up my own ridiculous headline.  Last year (or the year before?), Resolve facilitated a whole blog challenge for busting infertility myths.  You wouldn't believe the ideas that people come up with to help "cure" infertility.  Things like, "Oh just go on vacation" or "Get drunk.  That's what I did" are some of my favorites.  But, the headline below is one that I get all the time.

And you know what? Most of the time it's from my own family!  No matter how often I educate, it just doesn't sink in.  So, hey...why not get a little giggle from it?

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  1. So true! I can't count the number of times people said this to us (and, yes, mostly family) when we first told them of our plan to adopt. Imagine their surprise that - even after 2 adoptions!! - we're still infertile.


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