Monday, April 15, 2013

HAWMC Day 15: Inspired Happiness

Hello, hello, Day 15!  I've missed the last two days of posts; nonetheless, today's post marks a momentous occasion.  I've met my 13-post goal for this HAWMC!  Wah-hoo!  What's even cooler, is that I plan on participating for the rest of the challenge, and may even add in those two missing posts.  We shall see...

Today's prompt: Comment!  Pick someone else's blog post and write a comment to them.  Write that comment as your post for today and link back to them to let them know you were inspired.

By nature, I am a glass-is-half-full kinda gal.  Lots of current research shows that people can actually be taught this way of thinking, which means it doesn't have to be in your genes.  You can learn how to be happy.  So, anytime I see a blog post, article, FB post, or Tweet that talks about happiness despite adversity, I "like" it.  I like it very, very much.

I found a blog post through KC&Co. who also wrote about happiness here.  The primary post I'd like to highlight is written by Moira entitled "Can We Motivate the World with Happiness? (The one where I refuse to be sad all the time)"  Moira highlights juvenile diabetes; a condition about which I have no clue.  But, the message is absolutely transferable across conditions and emotional struggles.

It's actually the crux of this blog where I write about how one can be stuck in the gutter and still look up at the stars.  Even through suffering, happiness can be present.  One need only choose it.

Here's my comment to Moira:  Hi! I found this post via KC & Co., and I absolutely love the message here. I once had a client who had Type I diabetes (both he and his brother), and when I would conduct family sessions, they would both test in the middle of whatever therapeutic intervention we were conducting at the time. It wasn’t a big deal; just life. To me it was a HUGE deal, but in the other direction…it was very inspiring. :)

Moira asks if we can motivate the world with happiness.  What do you think?  Do you think people are motivated more by the negative or positive in life?  The key word is motivate, of course, and I also think "inspire" is connected to that word.  I'm exceedingly uninspired, for example, by those awful commercials portraying the suffering of animals and begging for your donations (sorry, Sarah McLaughlin), and I'm very inspired by the shows I've seen about animal rehabilitation.  I want to give way more to the latter organization.

What about you?

Until well,

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