Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spread Love

I don't watch the news.

I have a tendency to be sensitive to others' emotions, both positive and negative (like most therapists).  Watching the news -- which seems to be endlessly negative -- is, therefore, a big no-no for me.

Who could not, however, watch the events of yesterday?  I'm pained and thinking about the people affected near and far. 

As I was going through my blogroll, I read this post by Katie at From If to When and realized they are precisely my thoughts. 

Even when such awful, dastardly events happen, apart from asking why, I still believe my best response is to spread around more love. 

It's okay to be angry.  It's okay to be sad.  It's okay to question the fundamental characteristics of humankind.  Those things are not mutually exclusive from love.

May you find peace in your day and spread a little (or a lot of) love.

Be well,

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