Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Around the Corner...

I was reading through some old posts about that fabulous (eh-hem) holiday that most people in the infertility community have some trouble with:  Mother's Day.

Oh's back.

Some women struggle, because it is a reminder that they are not yet mothers.  Some women struggle, because they already are mothers and believe they should feel grateful for what they have; the guilt can overshadow the joy.

Partners struggle, because they don't want to see their wives/girlfriends/loves-of-their-life hurting anymore.

I was going to write a whole new post about how to cope with this one day a year, but last year's post is still totally appropriate:  The Holiday You've Been Waiting For (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting)

In short: Be kind to yourself. You deserve it.

Until next well,


  1. I wish I knew what this year was going to be like for me. I'm not allowed to try to become a mother yet, but I'm not a stepmother yet either. I'm still in limbo. I'm just glad I'll be with my boyfriend.

    1. Ah yes, the dreaded limbo. It's not the most fun place at all. So glad you at least have your boyfriend to hang with on that day.


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